Day 1-Lab Instructor

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Lab Instructor-Mr. Wissam Abou Khreibe

Wissam Abou Khreibe has taught in programming, networking and system/database administration for more than six years at American University of Sharjah. His areas of research and teaching are Internet technologies and networking. Prior to his academic career, he worked as a Senior Software Engineer and Consultant for Integrated Digital Systems and Netways, Lebanon. Designation: Senior Lab Instructor Degree: M.Sc., American University of Beirut, Lebanon, 2002 Teaching Areas: Internet technologies and Networking

Day 1-Camp Highlights

Mr Wissam is a Senior lab instructor in AUS CSE and Engineering department. His explanation is very simple and teaches all the concepts in a fun and easy way so that everyone understands the concept.We learnt about different network protocols and created network protocols using the software Cisco Packet Tracer.

This is a simple network protocol where two PCs are connected using cross-over copper cable.

Here we tested the connectivity between the PCs and know more about their configuration.

We built this network topology that has different devices connected to a switch in the same LAN because they have the same network ID.

Connecting devices and getting replies from a device with the following IP Address: in the same network.

In this network we changed the IP address of one of the devices to which does not belong to the same network and tested connectivity and we got a request timeout because they are not on the same network.

We built a topology that connects two LAN networks using a router and configured the router.

This is the layout of the app that will appear once you open the app.

This is to test connectivity between the devices in different networks.