Python Programming

Day 2-Lab Instructor

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Lab Instructor-Mr. Ahmad Al Nabulsi

Prior to joining AUS, Ahmad Al Nabulsi taught in electrical and computer engineering departments in different institutes across UAE for more than six years. His teaching areas and research interests cover a wide spectrum of mechatronics engineering topics such as embedded systems, automation control, robotics, power electronics, measurements and instrumentation, and circuits design. He has several cited journal and conference publications. Al Nabulsi was among the first batch of AUS alumni to be included on the AUS Alumni Wall of Fame, which recognizes the legacies of those alumni who contributed to making a difference at AUS during their time as students. Designation: Lab Instructor Degree: M.Sc., American University of Sharjah, UAE, 2012 Teaching Areas: Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, Embedded systems, Digital Systems, Automation Control and PLC

Day 2-Camp Highlights

Mr Ahmad, the Camp coordinator and lab instructor, is a very talented professor in teaching. I really enjoyed the lecture and he makes the class very active throughout the lecture and he solves with us many different examples in order to make us understand how to do the tasks, and then he gives us time to solve other questions on our own to improve our problem-solving skills.

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Task 1

In this task, we tested what .title() and .upper() will do to a string where we found that .title() makes the fist letter of each word capital whereas .upper() capitalizes all the letters.

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Task 2

In this task we combined to strings together and used title to make the first letter of each word capitalized.

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Task 3

In this task, we created a temperature converter from degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit.

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Task 4

In this task, we wrote a code to calculate the average of marks while the counter is less than 10. So 10 marks will be entered and their average will be calculated.

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Task 5

In this task, we wrote a code to add two numbers. It will show what the first number is, the second number and then show the answer for the addition of both the numbers.

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Task 6

In this task, we wrote a code to print a specific pattern of * symbol.