Digital Systems

Day 3-Lab Instructor

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Lab Instructor-Ms. Salsabeel Shapsough

Salsabeel Shapsough received her BSc. (2014) in Computer Engineering and her MSc. (2017) in Computer Engineering from the American University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE. In November 2017, she joined the American University of Sharjah as a Research Associate in the field of Internet of Things and smart solar energy systems where she is responsible for the design and development of solar power monitoring systems and technologies. Her research interests include Internet of Things, smart education technologies, and smart energy. She has currently has over 20 publications in refereed conference proceedings and journals. Designation: Lab Instructor Teaching Areas: Internet of Things, Smart cities, Machine learning, Deep learning, Embedded devices, Networks, Software development.

Day 3-Camp Highlights

Ms Salsabeel taught us logic gates in a very interesting and interactive way. We used the software Minetest to create the logic gates and test them.Even though logic gates contains a lot of information that would be difficult to include in one lesson, Ms Salsabeel managed to include all the main aspects of logic gates and test them using Minetest.

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AND Logic Gate

This is an AND logic gate. Bot inputs should be on in order for output to be on.

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OR Logic Gate

This is an OR logic gate. At least one of the inputs should be one in order for the output to be on.

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NOT Logic Gate

This is a NOT logic gate.From its name, it is obvious that if input is on, then output is ofd and vice versa.

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XOR Logic Gate

This is a XOR logic gate. Output is on when inputs are odd, meaning if one is on then the other one should be off in order to get a true input. However, unlike a NOR gate, if both inputs are on then output is off

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Circuit 1

Combining different logic gates to create a circuit.

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Circuit 2

Combining different logic gates(two XOR gates) to create a circuit.