Mobile Applications Development

Day 5-Lab Instructors

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Lab Instructor-Mr.Sameer Alawnah

Sameer Alawnah has taught in programming, digital systems and Internet and network computing for more than two years at American University of Sharjah. His areas of research and teaching are programing, mobile computing, mobiles devices power modeling and web technologies. Designation: Lab Instructor Degree: M.Sc., American University of Sharjah, UAE, 2012 Teaching Areas: Programing, Mobile Computing, Mobiles Devices Power Modeling and Web Technologies.

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Lab Instructor-Mrs. Praveena Kolli

Prior to joining AUS, Praveena Kolli taught in computer science and engineering departments in India and the Middle East for more than 12 years at institutions such as Al Ghurair University, Dubai; Emirates Center for Management and Technology Dubai; and PRRM Engineering College, Hyderabad, India. Her teaching and research interest is in the areas of programming, database system, programming languages, data structures and mobile app development. Designation: Lab Instructor Degree: M.Sc., Nagarjuna University, India, 1999 Teaching Areas: Programming, Database System, Programming Languages, Data Structures and Mobile App Development.

Day 5-Camp Highlights

Today we learnt a very interesting field in computer science and engineering which is Mobile applications development. Mr Sameer has a very good approach in teaching. He taught us how to create the layout for an app, such as the buttons, background image, location sensors and much more. After we were done with the layout of the app, Ms Praveena has taught us how to use the blocks in order for the app to function. She taught us how to locate a car and navigate to it, find nearby parking and how to display the longitude and latitude of the car and display them on the first screen on the app. This lecture was very fun and interactive, and the topic was very exciting.

This is the layout of the app that will appear once you open the app.

These are the blocks of code created to show the longitude and latitude of the parked car.

These are the block of codes to locate your car on the map. Two markers will also appear to indicate your current location and the location of your car.

These are the block of codes to find a path to the car.

These are the block of codes to find nearby parking.