Machine Learning

Day 6-Lab Instructor

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Lab Instructor-Ms. Anjitha Mary Paul

Anjitha has been working in the field of Computer Science and Engineering for the past ten years. She taught different programmes in Computing, Information Technology, and Computer Science and Engineering. She has served as Computer Science Lecturer at the University of Bolton, RAK Academic Centre- UAE, and Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering and Technology, India. Anjitha completed her Masters in Computer Science and Engineering with First Rank from VMKV Engineering College, India, and Bachelors of Technology (in Computer Science and Engineering) with First class from Saintgits College of Engineering, India. In addition to her academic pursuits, she received various awards includes the Best Teacher award from Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering and Technology. Her research interest includes Big Data, Data Analytics and Strategic Management Information Systems. She has National and International publications to her credit.

Day 6-Camp Highlights

On the last day of the Camp, Ms Anjitha taught us about Machine learning and how machine learning field is expanding at a fast rate. She taught us how to train a machine using Teachable Machine and Machine Learning websites. It was very interesting to see how AI and Machine learning produce accurate outputs. We were able to train a machine to determine whether an image is a dog or a cat. Similarly, we were also able to teach the machine whether to show happy or sad face depending on the adjectives written.

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Task 1-Teachable Machine

We used the website Teachable Machine to teach a machine to identify whether a picture is a cat or a dog.

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Task 2-Machine Learning

First, we wrote some words in which their meanings contribute to either happy or sad.

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Task 3-Blocks of code

Here we used blocks of code to create the code whether to show a happy or a sad face dpending on the comment given.

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Task 4-Neutral Face

This face will be shown before any comment is given.

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Task 5-Happy Face

When a positive comment is written, a happy face is shown with the comment thank you.

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Task 6-Sad Face

When an unpositive comment is written, a sad face is shown with the comment Sad to know that.