Camp Highlights

Below is a summary of what I have done during the camp. Click on the buttons for more information regarding the tasks done on each day of the Camp.

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Day 1-Networks

During the first day of the Camp, we learnt how to build a computer Network using the software Network Tracer.We also learnt about different network topologies.

Day 1
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Day 2-Python programming

We started by learning the basics of python, such as definitions of variables, input, output and loops.We also wrote codes for different tasks, such as adding two numbers,find the average,etc.

Day 2
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Day 3-Minetest + Mesecon logic circuits

We learnt about logic gates and different types of logic gates. We used the software minetest and we added mesecons extension in order to test out different logic gates.

Day 3

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Day 4-Home I/O

We used a software called Home I/O where we explored different features of the software. Moreover, we have also used scratch to open or close a gate either using a remote or depending on infra-red light.

Day 4
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Day 5-Mobile Application Development

During this day, we used Thunkable live, a platform where anyone can build their own mobile apps. We created an app to locate a car, navigate a route to the car and find nearby parkings.

Day 5
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Day 6-Machine Learning

During the last day of the camp, we have been introduced to Artifical information and machine learning. We also learnt about different types of machine learning and methods of algorithim and how they are taught.

Day 6

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13th AUS Computing Camp

The 13th AUS High School Computing Camp is an online educational and entertaining event, targeted at UAE resident students between grades 10-12. During the camp, students will engage in a series of experiments and hands-on activities, related to various topics in Computer Science and Engineering. Students will also explore new grounds of science, and develop essential skills necessary for their future University life.

Camp Highlights: • Programming in Python: Algorithms, Variables, Control and Conditional Statements, Loops. • Smart Home Development: Programming IoT devices and Basics of Building a Smart Home. • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML): Introduction to AI and ML with practical examples. • Mobile Application Development: Basics of Building Mobile Apps. • Computer Networks: Basics of Building and Configuring a Computer Network. • Digital Systems Design: Boolean Logic Principals, Basics of Building a Computer and accompanying skills. All participants that complete the camp will receive an electronic Certificate of Participation from the Computer Science and Engineering Department (CSE) at the American University of Sharjah (AUS). For more information regarding the AUS CSE camp, kindly

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